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thoj-book-cover-gifThe House of Jezebel: Fulfilling Destiny In Spite of Your Upbringing (TBD)*

Wondering where God was in the midst of a young child’s emotional pain comes The House of Jezebel: Fulfilling Destiny in Spite of Your Upbringing, which delves into unraveling the meaning of life when one has been raised under the tutelage of a Jezebellian parental figure.

In The House of Jezebel, Dr. Jaketha Farmer explore spiritually-charged topics such as:

  1. The reality and influence of Satan and “his” metaphysical origin
  2. Metaphysically identify the Spirit of Jezebel and how does “she overtakes” or gains entry into our lives
  3. Metaphysically identify “demons” not as “solely” negative entities but as low-level ways of thinking and being
  4. Address the “age old question” –  Can a demon have a Christian versus can a Christian have a demon?
  5. Explain how “demons” embed into our minds, bodies, and/or souls (through our ego)
  6. Examine how we unknowingly serve the “false god” of Baal in our daily lives (without even realizing it)
  7. How to gain control over your thoughts and cut loose from Jezebel’s grip to manifested your needs (and wants)
  8. Show you how to look within to awaken the mystic spirit of Elijah that lies within all of us whether you know it or not (John 15:7)
  9. Ways to explore and heal your family free from the generational grip from the Jezebel way of living and being

Combined with the author’s personal stories, reading this book will surely challenge your theological beliefs at their core.  So buckle up and get ready for a ride that searches the Bible and other historical tools for answers, all in an effort to find God in the midst of the pain and rediscover one’s identity independent from the thought patterns implanted into them via an Jezebellian upbringing.


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